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Purple Watercolor Wash Place Cards in 4 Easy Steps

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purple watercolor calligraphy stationery
purple watercolor place cards
watercolor place cards white ink
gold calligraphy place cards

Need to punch up reception tables? Something about a watercolor wash really brings place cards to life and adds an extra design element to place settings. Take it up another notch with white ink or a beautiful metallic. While tedious, the results are stunning and even more captivating in person.

If you’re making these for a client or DIYing it, your paper choice is key. First off, you’ll need a high quality, watercolor paper. As you may have experienced, regular card stock or cheaper watercolor paper will buckle and warp when water is applied. For place cards, in particular, the edges will likely curl up if you use a lower grade paper. Shoot for at least 140lb (300 gsm) paper. I’ve gotten great results with the Blick Premier Watercolor Blocks.

To achieve the watery texture, definitely go with the highest quality watercolor you can afford. Professional grade will give you the best results and those really beautiful watercolor bleeds. But, you can achieve pretty results with student grade as well. Some of my favorites are Winsor & Newton.

tip: measure your place cards on a watercolor block, then paint your watercolor wash. once dry, cut your cards to size and pen your names

Be prepared, this is a time-intensive project. You’ll most likely need to cut your watercolor paper down to size, then allow time for the paint to dry before you can pen the names. So, give yourself plenty of time and be sure you’re charging an appropriate price for the job.

Recommended Supply List*

Watercolor — Winsor & Newton Professional Grade

Paint Brushes — Princeton Heritage 4050

Watercolor Paper — Blick Premier Watercolor Block

What are your favorite techniques and trends for place cards right now? Share below!

Love + Letters

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Proof You Need This Pink and Coral Color Palette

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You guys, I used to really dislike the color pink. I wouldn’t wear a pink shirt or accessory to save my life. I guess I was rebelling against the whole, girl = pink, thing. But now it’s my new favorite color (sorry purple!). And this color story is so good! Check out the supply list at the bottom for details on specific paint and stationery used.

layered watercolor flower
pink orange wedding envelope calligraphy

Supply List*

Envelopes: From the Paper Source Paper Bar - Papaya or Coral and Fuchsia

Postage : Vintage

Paint - Winsor & Newton - Opera Rose Gouache

Paint Brush - Princeton Heritage size 16 round

Love + Letters

*We occasionally use affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. This may also apply to Pinterest posts. Any and all content that I post or link to are things I sincerely like or enjoy.

Watercolor Florals | Blue Anemone

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Anemones are so beautiful and make such a great subject to paint. I’m wishing I had these in my wedding bouquet. Which, btw, did you know you can get a fake bouquet of them for the low price of $265? Yeah, I think I’ll take the real deal, Mr. William Sonoma ;)

If this painting looks familiar … I followed Jenna Rainey’s youtube tutorial. I put my own spin on the leaves and obvi mine is not nearly as pretty as hers. But you should check out her videos, they’re super helpful and she’s fun to watch!

As always, if you wanna grab this piece and use it as an iPhone wallpaper, pick up your download here!

Summer Watercolor Florals | Pink Layered Flower

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Probably my favorite painting as of late. I love the bright pink tones and the beautiful watercolor layers of petals (supplies listed below). This looks GREAT on your phone’s background. Grab the iPhone wallpaper download here and enjoy (for personal use only, please). Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon for more free designs.


I’m obsessed with any and all flowers, but I’d love to know what your favorites are. Let me know below!

Colorful Abstract Paint Splatter

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@cardsnob ||

The latest iPhone background is coming to you circa 2012. Are those painting classes still a thing? You know, the ones where you byob and learn how to paint a picture. The grown up version of paint by numbers. Anyway, this is actually a photo I took of a wall in one of those shops years ago. It was an entire wall of paint splatter and I couldn’t resist a close-up. So fun to look at and way cooler than whatever we painted. Feel free to make this your new phone background. Sharing is caring, but keep it classy, it’s for personal use only.

Like this background? Check out The Library for our collection of freebies.

Thanks for stopping by! If you love being inspiration by art, pattern and color, check out what we’re up to on << Pinterest >>

Watercolor Ampersand

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Some fresh watercolor pieces that will be incorporated into some new designs. I love black watercolor. And you just can’t go wrong with an ampersand. It’s such a lovely shape and there are so many fun variations on this “letter”. Speaking of that, what’s your vote — should the ampersand be considered a letter or not?

I’ve cleaned this photo up a touch, but not much editing has been done in order to preserve that awesome watercolor texture. If you’re curious about the materials I used scroll to the bottom for the deets.

@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||


Black Ampersand - Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache in Ivory Black (CMYK Black), Series 1

Red Ampersand - Winsor & Newton Professional Water Coluor in Scarlet Lake, Series 2

Paper - Strathmore 400 series, water color paper, cold-pressed

Bright Abstract Wall Art | Atlanta Murals

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This week, we’re serving up some inspiration from the streets of the ATL. If you haven’t had the fortune of checking out the street art in person, add it to your Spring to do list! You’ll find art peppered throughout the city, but some of my favorite spots are West Midtown and O4W. I found these amazing abstract pieces in West Midtown. I can’t get over the bright blues, yellows and pinks. Enjoy, and please share where you’ve spied the best murals in your city!


Spring Inspired Colorful Geometric Line Pattern


Showcasing another pattern from our spring series. Bright pastels and an abstract geometric print bring this together in a way that makes us want to plaster the pattern on every surface. Enjoy as a free iphone wallpaper for now, and look for this pattern in our upcoming stationery line.

pink purple blue watercolor lines
colorful abstract lines
colorful abstract watercolor

Please note, these are strictly for personal use. Be a nice human, please. :)

Retro Rainbow Pattern


Blue Watercolor Wallpaper


Enjoy this week’s freebie! And keep an eye out for some upcoming card designs using my new pattern below.



Please note, the image is for personal use only and is not intended to be shared or distributed in any way.

Spring Inspired Watercolor Backgrounds


It’s finally feeling like SPRING! Lately, I’ve been inspired by the warmer weather and fresh blooms. I created a few new patterns and backgrounds that I’ll be using in some upcoming designs. I can’t wait to add the new pieces to the shop.


Check back soon for updates and feel free to grab these watercolor backgrounds for your phone.

Please note: these are for personal use only. Thank you! :)



3 Reasons You Absolutely Should be Sending Thank You Notes to Clients

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ways thank you notes will boost your business

I’m going to give you 3 quick and dirty reasons why you positively need to be sending thank you notes. I’m not talking about thank you emails. We’re talking tangible, handwritten notes, people.

3 Ways Thank You

Notes can Boost

your Biz

  1. The response rate for direct mail is higher than any digital marketing method (5 to 9 times higher, in fact).

  2. Direct mail has a bigger impact and leaves a longer lasting impression on your customers. They trust and connect to direct mail more, helping to up your know, like and trust factor.

  3. Letter-sized envelopes have the highest response rates in lead generation campaigns.

Who doesn’t like getting some snail mail? Basically, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG, short of misspelling someone’s name or using an outdated address. So why aren’t you doing this already? If you don’t have physical addresses, start collecting them TODAY.


  • Start collecting physical addresses today. Add it into your processes/automation wherever you can.

  • Set a reminder to update your physical mailing list quarterly.

  • Capture birth dates as this is a great opportunity to send physical mail and a special offer such as a discount.


Do you already send direct mail? If so, what do you send and have you seen better results when compared to email and digital marketing?



Fit Girl's Guide 28 Day Jumpstart Review // Week 1

ombre running shoes

Let's talk about fitness! 

Lately, I've been feeling a lot less fit than I'd like to be, which I think was exacerbated by my recent wedding dress shopping (yay, I found my dress!). It's hard to maintain a healthy relationship with your body, especially when you've noticed a few extra pounds lingering around. I knew I wanted to shed a few pounds but I really wanted to get back into a healthier lifestyle that I could maintain long term. ::Enter FitGirlsGuide:: 

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty!

Fit Girl's Guide 28 Day Jumpstart - What is it? 

An easy to read and entertaining ebook including a meal plan, exercise program and a boatload of additional tips to keep you healthy, happy and successful in your fitness pursuit.

How about that Meal Plan?

The goal of the guide is to help you learn to eat clean. That doesn't mean that you're required to eat like a rabbit. Fruits and veggies are definitely a big part of the plan but there are some super delicious recipes - like a Chipotle-esque bowl (with chicken, rice and beans!), lasagna rolls and egg mcmuffins! Plus, you're allowed to eat out if needed for an event, etc. The point of the meal plan is to teach you what clean eating is, that way should you find yourself at a restaurant, you can still maintain your clean food diet.

You won't be starving on this plan, the meals fill you up and satisfy most of my cravings. PLUS, you're allowed two snacks per day in addition to some dark chocolate...whaaaaaat!!!

The cost to buy the groceries needed is hard to determine as my fiancé is also following the meal plan. It's Important to note that we haven't been cooking much over the last few months so we weren't stocked up on spices, etc., but I would estimate that the cost for one person is between $50-$65. That's not bad considering it's breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days. 

How about that Exercise Regimen? 

The intensity of the exercise plan is going to be different for everyone, depending on your current level of fitness. But, the great part about it is you can move at your own pace and you can do everything right at home! Yay, now I don't have to worry about all the fit people at the gym see my #struggle. Each day the program targets a different group of muscles-- arms, booty/legs, and core. For me, the plan is just challenging enough to feel like I'm getting something done but not so hard that I want to just say, "Screw it all!" 

You don't have to follow the exercise plan, but I would recommend it. You can totally do your own thing, just follow their guidelines of 30 minutes of cardio/day (6 days/week) and strength training at least 2 days/week. Easy Peasy!

What Makes it so Special?

It's a challenge, yes, but you gain an entire community of ladies that are taking up the same fight, all at the same time! Fit Girl's Guide has an incredible Instagram following. Once you join the challenge, you can participate in this super supportive network. Seeing everyone's progress and receiving their encouragement makes a huge difference! Seriously, check out these before and afters

It's flexible. My favorite thing about Fit Girl's Guide is that it's super flexible. I don't do well with super strict regimens, they make my inner toddler want to rebel (even if it's against myself). Surprisingly, I haven't really struggled too much with veering off of the meal plan or DIY home exercise plan (but I'm only a little over a week and a half in).

Results. If you follow the plan, you'll see some baby results within the first week. That's enough encouragement to keep anyone going! I can't wait to see my progress after 2 and 3 weeks. 

My Progress

I guess it would be important to note that I started my period in the first few days of week 1. Assuming this skewed my results a tad, I was still able to notice a flatter tummy. Overall, I felt pretty good during week 1. The food was easy to eat but the challenge was keeping up with the cooking and exercise all in the middle of moving house! I say, if I can manage to stay on the plan in the midst of a pipe burst, a second leak and on and on, so can you! 

You can join the 28 Day Challenge whenever you like. If you've thought about it, you should seriously give it a try! It's on sale for $25 right now; a healthier life is well worth that investment!

Questions? Have you tried the 28 Day Challenge or the Fitkini Challenge? If so, let me know what you thought about it below! 

A Dupe for Benefit They're Real Mascara!


Greatest news ever! I'm pretty sure nearly everyone has heard of or tried Benefit They're Real Mascara. It was all the rage when it came out a couple of years ago. Since it's debut, Benefit has added an eyeliner to the line as well. 

But the real star, as many of you know, is the mascara. I'll admit, I drank the kool-aid with the Benefit mascara and it tasted delicious! It's always hard to splurge on mascara when there are so many good drugstore options available. So, while I do think the Benefit mascara lives up to it's claims, I can't say I will be repurchasing it now that I've found an amazing drugstore dupe! Dun dun dun! This wondrous discovery is Maybelline's Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara

This mascara works AMAZINGLY on my lashes! I don't know if it's just a good formula or if it just gels with my lash type (average fullness & length, natural curl to them) but wow, I think I like this formula BETTER than They're Real!

The brush is definitely a little bit different but the effects are the same. I will say, having a ball on the end of the wand would really come in handy for getting the inner corner lashes, but that's the only advantage to They're Real. The Rocket delivers instant lift, separation (are we talking about cleavage?) and volume to the max! 

Have you guys tried this mascara? Let me know if you love it too and if you have any other amazing drugstore dupes!

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