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Purple Watercolor Wash Place Cards in 4 Easy Steps

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Need to punch up reception tables? Something about a watercolor wash really brings place cards to life and adds an extra design element to place settings. Take it up another notch with white ink or a beautiful metallic. While tedious, the results are stunning and even more captivating in person.

If you’re making these for a client or DIYing it, your paper choice is key. First off, you’ll need a high quality, watercolor paper. As you may have experienced, regular card stock or cheaper watercolor paper will buckle and warp when water is applied. For place cards, in particular, the edges will likely curl up if you use a lower grade paper. Shoot for at least 140lb (300 gsm) paper. I’ve gotten great results with the Blick Premier Watercolor Blocks.

To achieve the watery texture, definitely go with the highest quality watercolor you can afford. Professional grade will give you the best results and those really beautiful watercolor bleeds. But, you can achieve pretty results with student grade as well. Some of my favorites are Winsor & Newton.

tip: measure your place cards on a watercolor block, then paint your watercolor wash. once dry, cut your cards to size and pen your names

Be prepared, this is a time-intensive project. You’ll most likely need to cut your watercolor paper down to size, then allow time for the paint to dry before you can pen the names. So, give yourself plenty of time and be sure you’re charging an appropriate price for the job.

Recommended Supply List*

Watercolor — Winsor & Newton Professional Grade

Paint Brushes — Princeton Heritage 4050

Watercolor Paper — Blick Premier Watercolor Block

What are your favorite techniques and trends for place cards right now? Share below!

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