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Black Cats Watercolor Pattern - Meow!

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Happy almost Halloween! I love these little guys, they’re so cute and not just for Halloween. It was super simple to make with watercolor and some photoshop magic. If you’d like more info about the process, let me know in the comments below. Also.. do we need a doggo version as well??

Enjoy this free background/wallpaper and hit me with your kitty’s names in the comments! My little calico is Buffy (named after the one and only)! Have a great Halloween!


Ocean Blue Watercolor Abstract Pattern + Texture

Art, Abstract, background, iPhone wallpaperMeganComment Perfect for a phone background or framed hanging on a wall. Serene but with a little personality. I used a mixture of gouache and watercolor washes to create these values. Check out my supply list below for the deets!

blue watercolor layered abstract.jpg


Paint - Winsor & Newton - Gouache (Prussian Blue, Phthalo Turquoise, Cerulean Blue) and Watercolor

Paint Brush - Princeton Heritage size 16 round

Paper - Blick Premier Watercolor Paper Blocks

Love + Letters

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Watercolor Florals | Blue Anemone

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Anemones are so beautiful and make such a great subject to paint. I’m wishing I had these in my wedding bouquet. Which, btw, did you know you can get a fake bouquet of them for the low price of $265? Yeah, I think I’ll take the real deal, Mr. William Sonoma ;)

If this painting looks familiar … I followed Jenna Rainey’s youtube tutorial. I put my own spin on the leaves and obvi mine is not nearly as pretty as hers. But you should check out her videos, they’re super helpful and she’s fun to watch!

As always, if you wanna grab this piece and use it as an iPhone wallpaper, pick up your download here!

Summer Watercolor Florals | Pink Layered Flower

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Probably my favorite painting as of late. I love the bright pink tones and the beautiful watercolor layers of petals (supplies listed below). This looks GREAT on your phone’s background. Grab the iPhone wallpaper download here and enjoy (for personal use only, please). Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon for more free designs.


I’m obsessed with any and all flowers, but I’d love to know what your favorites are. Let me know below!

Colorful Abstract Paint Splatter

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@cardsnob ||

@cardsnob ||

The latest iPhone background is coming to you circa 2012. Are those painting classes still a thing? You know, the ones where you byob and learn how to paint a picture. The grown up version of paint by numbers. Anyway, this is actually a photo I took of a wall in one of those shops years ago. It was an entire wall of paint splatter and I couldn’t resist a close-up. So fun to look at and way cooler than whatever we painted. Feel free to make this your new phone background. Sharing is caring, but keep it classy, it’s for personal use only.

Like this background? Check out The Library for our collection of freebies.

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