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3 Reasons You Absolutely Should be Sending Thank You Notes to Clients

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ways thank you notes will boost your business

I’m going to give you 3 quick and dirty reasons why you positively need to be sending thank you notes. I’m not talking about thank you emails. We’re talking tangible, handwritten notes, people.

3 Ways Thank You

Notes can Boost

your Biz

  1. The response rate for direct mail is higher than any digital marketing method (5 to 9 times higher, in fact).

  2. Direct mail has a bigger impact and leaves a longer lasting impression on your customers. They trust and connect to direct mail more, helping to up your know, like and trust factor.

  3. Letter-sized envelopes have the highest response rates in lead generation campaigns.

Who doesn’t like getting some snail mail? Basically, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG, short of misspelling someone’s name or using an outdated address. So why aren’t you doing this already? If you don’t have physical addresses, start collecting them TODAY.


  • Start collecting physical addresses today. Add it into your processes/automation wherever you can.

  • Set a reminder to update your physical mailing list quarterly.

  • Capture birth dates as this is a great opportunity to send physical mail and a special offer such as a discount.


Do you already send direct mail? If so, what do you send and have you seen better results when compared to email and digital marketing?